Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping With the Girls: Vol II, Chapter Twenty

The SI has an 'Enigmagnetic' Personality of sorts. You don't know quite how it works, but you know it works well. The ability to be agreeable even around people who can be downright caustic has its advantages. Even when meeting some of the other Senshi for the first time, you wonder how sometimes rough first impressions can be ignored. Perhaps its the no-nonsense attitude? But then, the way he can be so laid back. Maybe he just knows how to behave from experience.

Who knows, but the Senshi need to be brought up to speed, and being up to speed is all about information. And lots of it. Sometimes that information may prove to be a little crazy. But the SI hasn't gotten this far on sanity alone.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Vol II, Chapter Nineteen

With Kunzite run off for the time being, it's time to take care of some rather mundane business. (With Luna's help of course.) A little gold makes for a lot of money, and a lot of money makes for excelent shopping. And shopping with a pragmatic catgirl can be an... Interesting experience. But in the midst of the SI's shopping spree, he realizes that when you pull something off by the skin of your teeth, you may just put your foot in your mouth. With all the stuff he knows, it only adds to the stress. Don't be surprised if he turns into a Basket Case.

Author's Note: The sheer amount of Google Earth, Google Maps, Wikipedia, and private corporate website research that went into this chapter should make the names and locations discussed her as accurate as physically possible without some kind of Wayback machine to do time travel. If ever you were a Geography geek, consider this a snapshot of a real city, as close as this author can get to going there.