Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sleeping with the Girls, Vol II: Chapter 26

FINALLY! After a long, LONG wait this time around, we have yet another installment of the action survival drama with a dash of science fiction, fantasy, and lethal slapstick comedy that is Sleeping with the Girls.

Hey, it's been six months, I know. I've been busy plus I had new stories to dedicate my time to. You readers'll live.

After leaving Doctor Tofu's office, our beaten and chemically unstable hero attempts to fulfill the instructions he's been given by both Washu and the local practitioner of medicine. Of course, nothing stays 'normal' around a character like Ranma for very long, especially in a world that has more plays unto martial arts styles than there are flavors in a Baskin Robins'... Things can get out of hand very fast, like some kind of insane, well choreographed dance number.

You know what they say, it takes two to tango... But in this case, it really takes Three Two Tango.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mega Update. SWTG, MLP:FIM

Multiple updates in one shot.

First, and foremost... Chapter 25 of SWTG is now up.

After getting a (relatively) good night's sleep, the SI finds himself back in the Nerima Ward, a geographic distance of maybe 20 miles, but with none of the signs of the battle he experienced the previous night. The only thing that could ruin what could be a good morning may well just be his own body, and a bit of a sneaky trick up Cologne's sleeve concerning her grandaughter.

Will the SI have to be admitted to a hospital? Or can he survive and maintaim some semblance of Out Patience ?


Now, if you're a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, or an aviation fanatic, I haue a treat just for you. I accepted a challenge and wrote something for it too with the premise of taking an SR-71 and turning it into a pony, story and all.

Higher Flier OR, My Little Blackbird.

Read and enjoy. And when you're done there. The story has been popular enough to call for a second round.

Higher Flier: MACH 2

That's all our epic update for tonight. Tune in next time.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, Chapter 24

After the events of the fight, the group returns to Mako's apartment to recuperate, only to discover the toll was far greater than anyone thought...

Sometimes, When you go to far, when you've burned your bridges, covered your tracks, and tried your best... Sometimes the old options go away. There is no retreat, no turning back. You've reached the Event Horizon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, Chapter Twenty Three

After a long delay, the chapter is out!

After delivering a fight-ending shot to Kunzite, it seems like the battle is over. But it just seemed all too easy. It's been the SI's experience that it's never quite that simple. And once again, being right is a bad thing. Lo and behold, the final Shadow appears.
Can the Senshi fend off the Superbeast with the SI's help?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, chapter 22

You've seen it on the label of many a hair spray can.
Warning: Contents Under Pressure
There isn't much to say, except that a battle is not as simple as one might think.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, Chapter Twenty-One

Man this one's out late. But I've been busy trying to juggle this, school, minecraft, and my new Kitteh 'Citrus'. (My Dog passed away. The next day, someone had abandoned a box of kittens at work. I call that 'uncanny' timing. So I kept one of the kittens.)

Mind you, when a writer says they've been 'busy'. It's probably 'not so busy they have no time for writing. But more of a 'so busy that the long periods needed to just sit and think' aren't available, so ideas don't really form clearly... Slowing everything down.


'After the hijinks with the Senshi in the previous chapter, it's time to get serious as the SI adopts Luna's plan. A plan that is so good, it's doomed to failure from the start. All that can be hoped for is to get everything set up so when the enemy shows up, all they have to do is Kill the Middle.

Will they succede?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping With the Girls: Vol II, Chapter Twenty

The SI has an 'Enigmagnetic' Personality of sorts. You don't know quite how it works, but you know it works well. The ability to be agreeable even around people who can be downright caustic has its advantages. Even when meeting some of the other Senshi for the first time, you wonder how sometimes rough first impressions can be ignored. Perhaps its the no-nonsense attitude? But then, the way he can be so laid back. Maybe he just knows how to behave from experience.

Who knows, but the Senshi need to be brought up to speed, and being up to speed is all about information. And lots of it. Sometimes that information may prove to be a little crazy. But the SI hasn't gotten this far on sanity alone.