Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleeping With the Girls: Vol II, Chapter Fifteen

Sometimes we take things and we find we don't want them. Sometimes we throw them away; sometimes we give them back.
While having what feels like a phone conversation with Ayeka, the SI discovers that sometimes what is taken is more than should have ever been, but it cannot be given back. Dignity, respect, modesty. These things are not possessions that can be traded on a whim. As such, life has a strict No-Return Policy.
Life's not fair.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping With the Girls Vol II: Chapter Fourteen

The mashed up world of Those Who Hunt Elves is one huge Cross-World Puzzle to the SI. After showing of a little basic economics to a group who seemed to have missed it on the first pass, he decides to break for lunch in town. A little intuitiveness allows him to pick up a little intel that might prove useful later. Not only that, but Senbei's got more uses than you'd imagine. You have to wonder what the pint sized demon god does on his down time.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleeping with the Girls: Vol II, Chapter Thirteen

I cannot apologize for a chapter delay when the delay is to make sure that what I write comes out decent, if not coherent. Either way, three weeks, and its out.

While following the instructions given to him by Washu, the SI calmly reflects on the revelation Junpei left him with last chapter. Or at least, tries to between interruptions from Ritsuko. However in order to help Those Who Hunt Elves out a little bit, the SI applies his acute knowledge of their party in an almost facepalmingly obvious manner. Perhaps its All Part of the Plan, perhaps not. Maybe it's just payment while Junpei teaches those pressent How To Throw A Punch.

Bonus: Seto's new favorite sci-fi television show: Doctor Clay