Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, Chapter Twenty-One

Man this one's out late. But I've been busy trying to juggle this, school, minecraft, and my new Kitteh 'Citrus'. (My Dog passed away. The next day, someone had abandoned a box of kittens at work. I call that 'uncanny' timing. So I kept one of the kittens.)

Mind you, when a writer says they've been 'busy'. It's probably 'not so busy they have no time for writing. But more of a 'so busy that the long periods needed to just sit and think' aren't available, so ideas don't really form clearly... Slowing everything down.


'After the hijinks with the Senshi in the previous chapter, it's time to get serious as the SI adopts Luna's plan. A plan that is so good, it's doomed to failure from the start. All that can be hoped for is to get everything set up so when the enemy shows up, all they have to do is Kill the Middle.

Will they succede?