Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Curbstomp Song makes it to TVtropes.

Yes, that's right. I was kind of surprised myself to discover via a youtube comment that 'The Curbstomp Song' was referenced on TVtropes.

When I went to investigate this little detail, I was even more surprised to discover that it wasn't merely referenced, it was top of the page as a (as I look, THE) Defining Quote of 'Curb Stomp Battle'.

How sweet is that?

Now, I admit I'm not the most impressive of singers. But I managed to pull this off just having fun with the track. And it's not just singing either, it's voice acting. I did all the voices from my normal to some more outlandish sounding, but it's all me. The hardest part was the chorus. I had to make sure the house was clear, borderline screamo'd that, and burned my vocal cords out for three days. Which is, probably the reason I haven't attempted a new recording.


How about a challenge then? Can you sing?
If you can sing, and you'd like to make an attempt at the Curbstomp Song, contact me. I have the instrument only version available. I don't need to give contact instructions. If you can't find a way to contact me among this account, or any of the ones I've linked to on the 'Directions to Nowhere', you have problems that make Ryoga Hibiki's sense of direction look godlike.

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