Monday, June 21, 2010

Sleeping with the Girls Vol II: Chaos Theory, chapter 2

For the first content post of this blog, I hereby announce the completion and upload of chapter two of the second volume of Sleeping With the Girls over at Fanfiction.Net.

For those wandering in here wondering what this is all about. Sleeping with the Girls is an experimental piece of fiction I began in February. The premise is essentially what happens if you do a self-insert that's as close to how you really are in life as possible (flaws and all), with the catch that all those twisted self-gratifying fantasies most dime a dozen kid writers create won't even come close to playing out nice and smooth.

Combine this with the insert's already in-depth knowledge of the things they're being inserted into, and you have a recipe for something that takes one look at the fourth wall, and sneers at it.

The experiment has been a popular read, garning at this point, more than three hundred hits a day on average, with peaks as high as 1.5 THOUSAND in the 24 hours after each chapter release.

As such, I've done my best to continue the story in a timely manner.
Currently, Volume One, 'Fictional Reality', consists of the first twenty one chapters. This set is complete.

Volume Two is under way, and the latest chapter, titled: Two Point One, is now up.

It can be read by following the signpost to my account to the right.

Or you can go directly to it here.

It's a self-insert. But it is a self insert done with the consequences of action in mind. Don't be lead to believe what you think the title means right off the bat. The title is both a misnomer, and dead accurate.


  1. nifty. new blogs for all. just posting for fun for now. don't feel like thinking to deeply yet. *braindead*
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