Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, chapter 22

You've seen it on the label of many a hair spray can.
Warning: Contents Under Pressure
There isn't much to say, except that a battle is not as simple as one might think.


  1. Still great reading. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter. -- maxim-shade on LJ.

  2. I just started watching Sailor Moon because of this fanfic and also because of another ("Dungeon Keeper Ami" if you want to know) - I sorta missed the chance to watch it as a child because it was too girly.. well..

    I really like Luna in your story, she acts like in the original series (okay I only just watched episode 11..) but your Luna somehow seems a lot more competent, maybe she`ll be like that in the series later, right now she's only bossy and sane (in contrast to Usagi).

    And I really want to know how the protagonist in your story prepares for waking up near Quattro - since she's the only one of the girls he woke up close to that he left as an enemy.
    Of course we don't know about Marller but he has this music device now.. :)