Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sleeping with the Girls: Volume II, Chapter Twenty Three

After a long delay, the chapter is out!

After delivering a fight-ending shot to Kunzite, it seems like the battle is over. But it just seemed all too easy. It's been the SI's experience that it's never quite that simple. And once again, being right is a bad thing. Lo and behold, the final Shadow appears.
Can the Senshi fend off the Superbeast with the SI's help?

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  1. hmm. one wonders whether it is possible to post as Anonymous at all.

    Anyway, I've been reading the story at Spacebattles. A few observations come to mind.

    Two tons of ANFO in the fictional scenario you describe is probably best employed as a (very very large) fougasse charge (Wiki it), preferably as far as possible from innocent bystanders. You're talking about something that will collapse nearby building frontages, shatter windows blocks away, and (if set off in a building) throw hundred-kilo lumps of flaming former building for blocks in all directions (think OKC truckbomb size here). This would be cartoonish overkill if Kunzite & Co. were normal humans. Getting your foe to stand on top of it when you detonate it is left as an exercise for the alert reader.

    It's not at all difficult to make ANFO. On the other hand, making detonators and booster charges that will set it off reliably (it is relatively insensitive) is both difficult and dangerous, and they're going to be extremely dangerous to handle. The Anarchist's Cookbook, etc., have always been full of lies and disinformation and attempting to use it is a very good way to meet Darwin. Old military manuals contain more truthful and useful information about improvised explosives, all of course insanely dangerous to try to make at home in your kitchen. Think of it as a recipe for brownies--that can kill you and turn your house into a smoking hole in the ground if a spark of static electricity jumps from one container to another at the wrong moment.

    Oh, and expect an assortment of paranoid and terrified governments to cooperate to carry out a very thorough investigation of any further mysterious big explosions in Japan, now that someone's set off an antimatter bomb.