Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mega Update. SWTG, MLP:FIM

Multiple updates in one shot.

First, and foremost... Chapter 25 of SWTG is now up.

After getting a (relatively) good night's sleep, the SI finds himself back in the Nerima Ward, a geographic distance of maybe 20 miles, but with none of the signs of the battle he experienced the previous night. The only thing that could ruin what could be a good morning may well just be his own body, and a bit of a sneaky trick up Cologne's sleeve concerning her grandaughter.

Will the SI have to be admitted to a hospital? Or can he survive and maintaim some semblance of Out Patience ?


Now, if you're a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, or an aviation fanatic, I haue a treat just for you. I accepted a challenge and wrote something for it too with the premise of taking an SR-71 and turning it into a pony, story and all.

Higher Flier OR, My Little Blackbird.

Read and enjoy. And when you're done there. The story has been popular enough to call for a second round.

Higher Flier: MACH 2

That's all our epic update for tonight. Tune in next time.

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