Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sleeping with the Girls, Vol II: Chapter 26

FINALLY! After a long, LONG wait this time around, we have yet another installment of the action survival drama with a dash of science fiction, fantasy, and lethal slapstick comedy that is Sleeping with the Girls.

Hey, it's been six months, I know. I've been busy plus I had new stories to dedicate my time to. You readers'll live.

After leaving Doctor Tofu's office, our beaten and chemically unstable hero attempts to fulfill the instructions he's been given by both Washu and the local practitioner of medicine. Of course, nothing stays 'normal' around a character like Ranma for very long, especially in a world that has more plays unto martial arts styles than there are flavors in a Baskin Robins'... Things can get out of hand very fast, like some kind of insane, well choreographed dance number.

You know what they say, it takes two to tango... But in this case, it really takes Three Two Tango.


  1. If six months per chapter are what it takes for this story to continue, I plead with you that you do still continue it. I really want to see this story all the way through to conclusion. Excellent excellent stuff.

  2. I second maxim-shade's statement. I really want more.

  3. Amazing story that I loved a lot though I hope you have not abandoned this story, or god forbid died. It has been a year since you updated after all.

  4. Please update or Tell us if its no more

  5. Man, I hope real life just got in the way, and that you're not dead or something. Excellent story, and I just read through both volumes for the second time. I hope it continues one day.